Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Marketing

  1. In any business organization, advertisement cost constitutes a major expense in the operations of the business organisation. However, Internet marketing has promised to significantly reduce the cost of advertisement. For example accumulating email addresses and sending newsletters through the Internet is relatively cheaper compared to traditional marketing strategies.
  2. Due to the popularity of the Internet in the modern world, almost all organizations have a website. Making good use of the website can significantly reduce the cost of advertisement.
  3. The ability of the organization to track the rate of return on investment. For example, click-through feedbacks as well as responses to emails from customers enable the organization to rate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.
  4. The instant delivery of the message enables organizations to make their marketing campaigns faster and facilitates immediate responses or communications between the customer care department and the customers.
  5. It enables an organization to personalize messages or more effectively select the targeted clientele. For example, different electronic marketing strategies can be employed for the youths, professionals and other categories of customers.
  6. It can easily and effectively be integrated with the traditional marketing strategies. For example, a brief advertisement on the print media can guide a potential customer to the company’s website for more detailed information on the product.

  1. Electronic marketing is limited by the ability of the consumer to access and use Internet services. Although there is an increased popularity of Internet services in the modern world, a large number of consumers are unable to use or have no access to Internet services.
  2. It is important to note that spam filters that have become very essential to majority of the users are a major limitation to the effectiveness of e-marketing. There are concerns over the high number of commercial messages being filtered because the spam filters consider them illegitimate.
  3. It has intensified competition which is a major barrier to new entrants in the global market.

I consider that electronic marketing compared to the traditional marketing strategies is cheaper and more effective. However, a huge section of the market has no access to Internet services. Although there are many advantages and disadvantages of electronic marketing, the advantages overweigh the limitations.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Keywords and Website Search Engines Tools

Choosing appropriate keywords is important. This is because it will enable easy access of the website through any search engine like Google search or Yahoo search engines. Keyword is the names or words that consumer would type into these search engines in order to get what they are looking for online. For one to know the number of times the keyword has been searched in a day, he/she can use word-tracker. When one knows or identifies the mostly used keywords for his business, then he/ she can choose them on his website to attract the right leads from the search engine and optimize the number of consumer visiting his/her website. Therefore, keywords are essential for effective e-marketing. Moreover one should use these keywords effectively in the website and analyze the homepage and determine the density of the keyword on the webpage.
When a consumer types the keyword on the search engine, he/she get the option of the site to visit. This ensures that the site is greatly visited by the targeted consumers and it is here where the information on about the products and service are displayed. Therefore, consumers are able to get information on prices, differentiated products, promotions and new brand in the market. Proper visitation of the website is an important tool in ensuring effective marketing. This can be achieved through the help of search engine analytical tool which provide important information about visitation tool of the website. It helps in providing snap shot of each marketing initiative that one try to apply.
It is also important to have a rating with search engines. It helps one to know how the website is performing on search engines for the keyword that one choose hence good for evaluating the performance of the website where one is carrying on e-marketing. Through this, one is able to know how the site is doing and is able to take the appropriate measures. In the issues of website, it is good to ensure that one has the tool to help search engines to find all of his/her web page this help in free listing on the search engines.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Top 5 tips for an effective Electronic Marketing

With this blog, a person wishing to do business will be able to achieve effectiveness in the electronic marketing of his/her business. So I will outline the most important tips for an effective E-marketing.

Top 5 tips for an effective Electronic Marketing
  1.   Need to use different key words analysis tools to enable the users/customers to understand what they are looking for in the product category regarding the company products.
  2.  Ensure there is an online public relations officer who is bestowed with the job of maximizing the mention of the company, brands and websites in third parties’ websites such as media sites, social networking and blogs. The PR offers cost effective services for increasing the awareness of your products or brand and facilitates the increase of the visitors who are attracted to the site.
  3.  Effective electronic marketing is also facilitated by the use of the online partnerships that can be used as a potential source of permission through co-registration deals. The online partnerships include link building, online sponsorships, and co-branding.
  4. The involvement in interactive advertising, which involves the use of ads such as banners, skyscrapers and rich media ads to promote brand awareness and to attract a click through to a target site. Also the opt-in e-mail lists and building of one’s own in-house e-mail list and sending the e-newsletters.
  5.  The viral marketing is also another tip for effective on-line marketing since it involves the online word of mouth messages, which are sent to achieve awareness.


Monday, 9 May 2011

Electronic Marketing Strategies

E-marketing refers to brand marketing done via the internet or the web. An e-marketing strategy generally concentrates on a company’s website and its aim is to attract Internet users to purchase the goods of a company, leading to an increase in sales (, 2011). In this blog I will outline several e-marketing strategies including online advertising, online newsletters, e-mail marketing, and use of media newsroom.

Online Advertising

Online advertising refers to an e-marketing strategy that entails placing adverts relating to the services and products of a company in its website, sites with considerable traffic amount from different users as well as on sites that are ranked first in different search engines. It is the most common form of electronic marketing strategies being used today by many companies. This form of advertising has a very significant impact on the value of a company’s return on investment. Internet affiliate marketing is one of the major forms of online advertising. While using this form of advertising, companies reward its affiliates marketers for consumers or visitors brought about via the efforts of the affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers in this case refer to online product or services advertisers hired by a company and they are paid in relations to sales generated due to their efforts (, 2011). Online advertising e-marketing strategy is very common today.

Online Newsletters

Use of online newsletters is the second e-marketing strategy being employed by companies today. This strategy entails issuing online newsletters on regular basis to regular customers with an aim of alerting them of existence of new introductory offers being availed by a company as well as introduction or launching of new services of products. Online newsletters are viewed as decent ways of promoting services and products via passing on information concerning them. This strategy ensures that regular customers to a company are regularly updated on the progress of the company, its services as well as its products. It is an effective e-marketing strategy (, 2011).

E-Mail Marketing Strategy

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective strategies of e-marketing. It is a strategy that entails sending information relating to services and products to potential consumers via the email. E-mail marketing has been proved to be a highly efficient marketing tool as well as in business generation. It is also a good technique of business marketing as well as for establishing good rapport between a business, its potential customers and also prospective clients (, 2011).

Media News Room strategy

Media news room refers to a web facility including the information and blogs of a company that are accessible via social media. When an organization’s information is made available to social media, very little time is taken before such information is passed on to the public. News and information that is made available in media news rooms tend to be easily available to bloggers as well as journalists, who are often visitors looking for specific facts and news relating to particular services or products, not merely general information. Companies have been exploiting this strategy in their endeavors to reach many potential consumers. Media news room strategy is among the highly effective strategies of internet marketing (, 2011).

Finally, Adoption of different e-marketing strategies has made it possible for businesses to reach many potential consumers all over the world. E-marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing strategies such as use of billboards. E-marketing is not only an effective marketing tool but it is also less costly and more efficient.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

How does E-Marketing apply the concepts of Marketing?

Marketing vs. E-marketing

Many people might think that E-Marketing is fundamentally different from traditional Marketing in terms of concepts and theories. In this post I will try to link between marketing concepts (long & short term) that can be applied through e-marketing as well.

One on One marketing

It is a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy emphasizing personalized interactions with customers. Due to the target market, which meets with customers’ needs, organizations use the information and data of customers and then distinguish between customers to find out which one is more valuable than others.

Mass marketing

It is the maximum exposure of product advertising to consumers. Indeed, mass marketing is practiced in radio and television, but amazingly the Internet distributes messages faster than any other communications.

Means                                                        Years
Radio                38
TV                     13
Internet              4              By Bill Eager, Cathy McCall, William Eager

Permission Marketing
Marketing centered on obtaining customer consent to receive information from a company.

Word of Mouth Marketing  (In e-marketing Word of Mouse)
It is recommendations and information transmitted from clients to other clients, which is more reliable because it depends on the satisfaction of the client.

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